Intimate Wellness Institute

Why choose the Intimate Wellness Institute for your Urogynecology, Advanced Gynecology, Aesthetic, and Intimate Wellness needs?

The Intimate Wellness Institute was founded in recognition of the tragic lack of information, therapies, and expert care available to women addressing their Intimate Wellness needs. We passionately believe women deserve to be educated about and treated for issues of pelvic function, aesthetic issues, and sexuality. Women should be empowered with the tools and care to live without these issues and seek confidence, high quality-of-life and healthy intimacy in an understanding environment with trusted and caring professionals.

To properly address a woman’s specific needs, healthcare professionals need to consider her unique experience. Overcoming these challenges requires a different outlook on pelvic function, aesthetic concerns, sexuality and health than is offered in typical Ob/Gyn and Women’s Health practices. The Intimate Wellness Institute is the only comprehensive center that focuses on these issues in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Intimate Wellness Institute has made it our mission to help women take control of their intimate health. By empowering women with our specialized treatment options, education, and the encouragement to pursue total intimate health, we transform lives. Contact us to experience our unique expertise.