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Clitoropexy or Clitoral Reduction is a procedure for women with distressing clitoromegaly (enlargement of the clitoris) or to lift a drooping or protruding clitoris. Due to the risk of orgasmic function and other nerve damage, this is only recommend if hormonal and non-surgical treatments have failed and the change is causing significant distress. Hormonal treatments and laser or radiofrequency tightening most often correct this issue.  

What is a clitoropexy?

This minimally invasive operation elevates the erectile tissue of the clitoris, this allows the clitoral hood to better cover the clitoris resulting in a less exposed, less prominent clitoris. The elevation will also help women who have a sagging or lax clitoris.

How does clitoropexy affect having sex?

In general this is a very safe procedure in the right hands and should not affect the function or sensitivity of the clitoris in any way.  However, due to the proximity to the dorsal clitoral nerve there is a risk of losing sensitivity.  Thus, it should only be performed if the issue is significantly distressing.

How clitoropexy works:

Clitoropexy is a brief outpatient procedure performed in the IWI office surgical suite under local and oral anesthetic. 

You will have a few sutures present postoperatively. The sutures will dissolve over 4 to 6 weeks.  The IWI team will review your post-operative care in detail prior to the procedure. 

Clitoral hood reduction or Clitoral hoodplasty is typically performed at the time of a clitoropexy in order to remove excessive tissue that may be present. These procedures are often combined with a labiaplasty, prolapse repair and other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. 

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