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At IWIVA, we specialize in urogynecology, a field of medicine dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women’s pelvic health. In order to enhance our patients’ quality of life, urogynecology treats a wide range of illnesses and disorders that affect the pelvic area. Our team of knowledgeable and caring experts is dedicated to providing individualized care and cutting-edge solutions that are specifically suited to each person’s distinctive requirements. Let’s examine urogynecology to understand what it is, why women might require treatment, and the prevalent issues it can effectively address.

What is Urogynecology?

Urogynecology, also known as female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, is a subspecialty within gynecology and urology. It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, which involve the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues that support the pelvic organs. These organs include the bladder, uterus, vagina, and rectum.

The pelvic floor plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper functioning of the urinary, reproductive, and digestive systems. When the pelvic floor becomes weakened or damaged due to various factors such as childbirth, aging, or chronic health conditions, it can lead to a range of uncomfortable and often embarrassing symptoms.

Why Women Need Urogynecology?

Women may need urogynecological care for various reasons, and seeking timely treatment can significantly improve their quality of life. Here are some common situations where women can benefit from urogynecological evaluation and care:

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse: This occurs when the pelvic organs, such as the bladder, uterus, or rectum, descend and protrude into the vaginal canal due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Women may experience a sensation of pressure or bulging in the pelvic area, urinary incontinence, or discomfort during intercourse.
  • Urinary Incontinence: This condition involves involuntary leakage of urine, which can be caused by stress, urge, or mixed factors. It is a prevalent issue among women and can have a significant impact on daily activities and self-confidence.
  • Overactive Bladder: Characterized by a sudden and frequent urge to urinate, often leading to incontinence, overactive bladder can disrupt a woman’s daily routine and affect her emotional well-being.
  • Fecal Incontinence: Loss of control over bowel movements can be distressing and embarrassing, but urogynecology can provide effective solutions to address this issue.
  • Painful Bladder Syndrome (Interstitial Cystitis): This chronic condition causes pelvic pain and a persistent, urgent need to urinate, significantly impacting a woman’s comfort and overall happiness.
  • Vaginal Fistulas: Abnormal connections between the vagina and other organs, such as the bladder or rectum, can lead to urine or stool leakage, requiring specialized care.

We understand the sensitive nature of urogynecological conditions and the impact they can have on your life. Our experienced team at IWIVA is here to provide compassionate care, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment options tailored to your specific needs. We are dedicated to empowering women to regain control of their pelvic health and enjoy life to the fullest.

Contact us to set up a consultation if you have any questions regarding your pelvic health or would like more information about our urogynecology services. We put your health first, and we’re here to help you on your path to better pelvic health.