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Low Sex Drive

What is low sex drive?

You are not alone. It is estimated that a third of women between the ages of 18-59 experience a loss of sexual desire, making low sex drive the most common sexual dysfunction condition among women.

Symptoms of low sex drive are a decrease or no desire to engage in sexual activity as well as decreased sexual fantasies or thoughts. If you are bothered by your decreased sex drive, it is important to understand that millions of women experience the same thing and there are many ways you can take action against your low libido. Dr. Guerette and the staff at Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia in Midlothian can help personalize a treatment plan to restore a healthy and enjoyable sex drive.

How can low sex drive affect one’s life?

The impact of low sex drive expands to more than just decreased sexual desire. Low sex drive can negatively impact intimacy with one’s partner. It might break down the communication and negatively affect your relationship. Low sex drive can also take a psychological toll on a woman. Many women struggle with thoughts of depression, anxiety, disappointment, and hurt.

Dr. Guerette and Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia have worked with many women with these same concerns. He understands how low sex drive can impact a woman’s physical and mental health, as well as put a strain on her relationships.  The complexity of this condition calls for an individualized approach, which is an aspect that Dr. Guerette can guarantee for each of his patients.

How Dr. Guerette can help treat low sex drive

As a nationally and internationally recognized urologist, Dr. Guerette is a specialist in the areas of advanced gynecology and sexual wellness. Understanding the importance of focusing on a woman’s condition and the complex nature of her body, Dr. Guerette is truly the leader in the field of female pelvic medicine.

Dr. Guerette will take time to talk with each of his Virginia patients to understand the woman’s concerns and symptoms. For low sex drive, he may recommend the hormone therapy or one of many advanced gynecology procedures he offers. He recognizes that because every woman’s body and situation is different and unique, he will focus any treatment plan around your individual needs.

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