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Arousal Disorders

What is an arousal disorder?

The inability to become sexually excited can leave a woman feeling isolated, ashamed, and concerned. Many women are unaware that what they are experiencing is actually a symptom of an arousal disorder. sexual arousal disorder is the inability to become or stay aroused during intercourse.

Some symptoms of arousal include a lack of lubrication, genital swelling, and a struggle with mentally becoming aroused. The important thing is to understand that not only are there many women who have the same concerns, but that arousal disorders are very treatable. Dr. Guerette helps women in Virginia with a personalized approach for the treatment of arousal disorders.

How can arousal disorders affect one’s life?

Arousal disorders impact a woman’s life in many ways. They can impact intimacy with her partner and lead to a decreased sexual desire. An arousal disorder can also affect a woman emotionally. Being unable to become aroused during intercourse, or even while fantasying, can leave a woman frustrated and embarrassed. She may avoid sexual situations and romantic opportunities due to her fear of her arousal disorder. It can also make her feel self-conscious about her body and concerned about her future.

How Dr. Guerette can help treat arousal disorder

Dr. Guerette wants you to know that you don’t need to feel isolated and uncomfortable any longer. He is familiar with the concerns and difficulties that women with arousal disorders might experience. He will take time to discuss your symptoms and concerns before giving any recommendations because he understands that every woman’s body is unique.

For arousal disorders, he may recommend hormone therapy or other advanced gynecology services offered at Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia in Midlothian, Virginia.

A true leader in the field of female pelvic medicine, Dr. Guerette wants to ensure you that he will do his best to not only help combat your arousal disorder, but to also make certain that you are comfortable and confident with any treatment plan designed specifically for you.

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I put off seeing a doctor because I was embarrassed about my condition. Dr. Guerette put me at ease and, ultimately, he made me feel like a new woman.