The Female Pelvic Medicine


Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia

Dr. Nathan Guerette and the entire team at Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia have a single goal in mind: to help women solve their intimate issues and provide comprehensive care for each of their patients.

We specialize in the four most important areas of female pelvic medicine.

With treatment options for every concern, Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia can help every woman, no matter her struggles. We specialize in urogynecology, sexual health, and both aesthetic (cosmetic) and advanced gynecology, providing our North Chesterfield patients with the most popular and effective solutions.

Dr. Guerette is a specialist in female pelvic medicine.

He is an industry leader and at the forefront of the latest in female pelvic medicine technology. Dr. Guerette has a private consultation with each woman to diagnose her specific condition and come up with a customized plan designed just for her.

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I put off seeing a doctor because I was embarrassed about my condition. Dr. Guerette put me at ease and, ultimately, he made me feel like a new woman.