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Vaginal Laxity

What is vaginal laxity?

Many women experience vaginal laxity after childbirth, which can impact self-confidence. Vaginal laxity is when a woman’s vaginal canal loses its ability to stretch back to its original shape, leaving the vagina feeling wider and more “loose”. This new body can make a woman self-conscious with herself and it can even be uncomfortable to wear certain clothing.

How can vaginal laxity affect one’s life?

Vaginal laxity can directly affect a woman’s self-esteem and positive body image as her body has gone through a dramatic change. She often feels as though her body no longer looks or functions the same way it once did. She may avoid certain clothing items like leggings or other tight fitting clothing.

When a woman isn’t happy with how her body appears, it can cause emotional distress as well. Dr. Guerette is aware that vaginal laxity impacts a woman’s emotions, relationships, and body image and he works his hardest to restore each of these areas of her life.

How Dr. Guerette can help treat vaginal laxity

Dr. Guerette understands that vaginal laxity is a very private and sensitive condition. He will work with you to ensure you are comfortable and confident in any treatment plan he may recommend for you. To determine the appropriate treatment for your vaginal laxity, Dr. Guerette will meet with you and listen to your goals and concerns during a private consultation at Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia in Midlothian.

As a nationally and internationally recognized urologist, Dr. Guerette is a specialist in the areas of advanced gynecology and sexual wellness. Understanding the complexity of the effect vaginal laxity can have on a woman’s life, Dr. Guerette will make recommendations that are specific to you and your needs.

He may suggest labiaplasty or vaginoplasy that can help reshape a woman’s vagina, or the diVa laser program for vaginal rejuvenation. Every woman’s body is unique and functions differently and so teaming up with Virginia’s leader of female pelvic medicine, Dr. Guerette, is a wise choice.

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I put off seeing a doctor because I was embarrassed about my condition. Dr. Guerette put me at ease and, ultimately, he made me feel like a new woman.