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Labial hypertrophy treatment Virginia

Labial hypertrophy treatment Virginia

The female genitalia is like a flower and has many different sizes and shapes. The labia have many different shapes and sizes but can have a reason for concern if it is bigger than the normal range of sizes. The condition of having an enlarged labia is known as labia hypertrophy.

What is labia hypertrophy?

Let us look at the scientific numbers to understand what we mean when discussing an enlarged labia. The average length of the labia majora is between 7-10 cm, while the labia manora is 1-5 cm in length. Approximately 50% of all women have an enlarged labia minora and do not feel self-conscious about it. However, a smaller percentage of women feel it is abnormal, and they usually have a good reason for that.

We have clarified that an enlarged labia is usually normal and harmless when genetic or natural cause. How much does labial hypertrophy surgery cost? What are other causes, and do they pose a risk to the genital reproductive system?

Causes of labia hypertrophy

Normal growth

 Can you get rid of labial hypertrophy without surgery? The labia grows faster and more significantly during puberty when estrogen surges and promotes the thickening. It may change at specific points in life when you have significant hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, which increases blood flow to that particular area. Eventually, the labia will reduce in size as oestrogen reduces.  

Medical condition

Any sudden changes in the size of the labia over a short period usually means you have an abnormal growth and are probably suffering from complications like Crohn’s illness, endometriosis, genital warts or tumors.  

Physical trauma

Some cultures believe that girls or women should have an enlarged labia for several different reasons. They pull and stretch it to elongate it, or use herbal applications that cause inflammation and eventually enlarge the labia. This form of elongated or enlarged labia is rarely concerning because it does not have any health risks.

Side effects of labia hypertrophy

Most people do not know they have labia hypertrophy until they are much older to understand that every body has a different biological makeup. However, a few people experience the following side effects:

  • Sensitivity to friction like cycling and running
  • Irritation when wearing tight underpants
  • Difficulty with personal hygiene due to the tendency of bacteria and reside to collect in the folds
  • Uncomfortable sexual intercourse

Can labial hypertrophy be fixed?

Labia hypertrophy is not an illness or condition that always needs fixing. Some people seek treatment to get rid of discomfort or pain and achieve their desired aesthetics. We recommend that you pursue treatment is you are uncomfortable with excess friction or are uncomfortable with everyday activities like sitting, cycling, sex and hygiene routines.

The Intimate Wellness Institute in Virginia has a cosmetic procedure that can easily change the size and shape of the labia. Our treatment options will address any abnormal issues whether it is of a genetic, physical or hormonal cause. How much does labiaplasty cost in Virginia? It is helpful to explore our aesthetic gynecology treatments and then contact us online for a personalized consultation.


Labial hypertrophy treatment Virginia

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