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Iop Treatment Orange County

Iop Treatment Orange County

Once you decide an intensive outpatient program is right for yourself or a loved one, you have a bit of work in front of you. Congratulations, as the first step is realizing that help is required. The next step is knowing that you are picking the right facility for IOP treatment in Orange County.

About IOP Programs

The option for an intensive outpatient (IOP) program is best for someone who might not be able to go through an extended absence from school, work, family life, or other outside obligations to get treatment for drugs or alcohol. When looking for intensive outpatient treatment facilities, there are many things to consider so you can be sure you select the right one to meet your needs.

These are four of the major considerations when selecting outpatient addiction and mental health treatment facilities:

  • Location – This is one of the more important factors to think about for any IOP treatment in Orange county. It would be best if you had a center that is in a convenient location. If the center is too far away, it may open you up to making excuses for going.
  • Certifications – The facility should have the right certifications to tell you more about the staff, team members, and their training.
  • Treatments – The treatments offered by all programs will be unique. For example, an intensive facility should offer multiple treatment options, including IOP group therapy. The treatments should also allow for personalization for each patient while considering their unique needs and situation.
  • Scheduling – Another important factor is scheduling when selecting a facility. Suppose you are looking to have treatment while still going to work or school; you need a facility that offers therapy and services at times that fall in line with your scheduling requirements.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient

It may seem overwhelming as you start to look into all of your inpatient or outpatient treatment options. Some addicts cannot get the results necessary to remain sober when going to outpatient programs. For some, taking part in an inpatient or residential program is best to get the ongoing, intensive treatment they need while fully removing all outside triggers.

However, some addicts do very well with outpatient programs to take part in treatment while still fulfilling outside life obligations. It is all about finding a balance and the right facility to give you the support that you need. As you look at centers, be sure that you are realistic about your goals, your unique situation, and what will give you the most solid foundation so that you have a chance at succeeding in your journey to recovery.

The road to getting sober can be daunting, and you may have setbacks along the way. However, LIDO Wellness Center is here to show you that you can succeed with the right IOP treatment in Orange County. We want to talk with you about your situation, needs, and questions about getting signed up for treatment. Give us a call at (949) 541-8466 to speak with one of our addiction and mental health specialists!

Iop Treatment Orange County

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