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Incontinence treatment Virginia

Incontinence treatment Virginia

Intimate Wellness Institute offers unsurpassed incontinence treatment in Virginia via advanced treatments and highly effective therapies. We treat urinary incontinence using invasive and non-invasive treatments to help our patients lead a healthy and confident life.

Our non-invasive treatments for incontinence

We determine the treatment course for your incontinence problem based on the severity of your condition and its root cause. Here is a list of modalities and therapies we use to treat stress urinary incontinence in Richmond and Midlothian:

  • Vaginal Pessary

Under this treatment, we insert a silicone device called pessary into the vagina, which keeps the urethra closed and offers you more control over urine outflow. You may use it all the time or as needed.

  • Urethral bulking agents

We help patients suffering from urinary incontinence by injecting a substance that helps bulk up the urethra. This treatment is particularly beneficial in individuals with a weak urethral sphincter. Most women enjoy improved control over their urine outflow with just 1-3 injections per year.

  • Behavioral techniques

Our medical staff offers bladder training to help patients delay urination whenever they feel the urge to go. Our goal with the behavioral techniques is to lengthen the time between your restroom trips. We also train our patients on double voiding and recommend specific lifestyle changes to help avoid overflow incontinence and have better control over their bladder.

Besides, we also recommend Kegel exercises as a part of our treatment for female urinary incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises strengthen the muscles in control of urination and are highly effective for stress incontinence.

How can I manage incontinence with home remedies?

If you suffer from female urinary leakage, you must meet with a gynecologist or urologist at the earliest. While some lifestyle changes and home remedies may help, only a specialist can diagnose the root cause of your incontinence problem and recommend an appropriate treatment or solution. Here are several home remedies to help with urine incontinence:

  1. Always have a bedside commode in your bedroom and install an elevated toilet seat.
  2. Use a washcloth to clean yourself and avoid frequent washing and douching. These cleansing rituals can overwhelm your body’s natural defenses against bladder infections and worsen your incontinence.
  3. Consider using petroleum jelly or cocoa butter to protect your skin from frequent urine leakage.

We offer the best Virginia incontinence treatment in a state-of-the-art women’s wellness clinic. With affordable treatments and highly experienced staff, we help our patients lead a healthy, active, and improved quality of life.

Our surgical procedure for incontinence

We recommend surgical treatment to manage incontinence when the kegel exercises and other non-surgical treatments are unyielding. Here are some of the surgical treatments we use to treat incontinence:

  1. Sling procedures – We use a synthetic material or strips of your body’s tissue to create a pelvic sling beneath your urethra and at the bladder neck. The sling keeps the urethra closed and helps control stress incontinence.
  2. Bladder neck suspension – We make a small abdominal incision to support the urethra and bladder neck under general or spinal anesthesia.
  3. Prolapse surgery – It uses a combination of a sling procedure and prolapse surgery and treats women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse and mixed incontinence.

Do not let urinary incontinence disrupt your everyday life anymore. Call Intimate Wellness Institute today to schedule an appointment with our doctor for incontinence treatment in Virginia. Get in touch with us at 804-523-2533 to verify your insurance, or visit us for more details.

Incontinence treatment Virginia

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