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Hormone Imbalance

What is hormonal imbalance?

Have you noticed your sex drive decreasing recently? Unfortunately, as a woman ages, her body struggles to maintain hormonal balance. This includes a decrease in the very important hormone for females: estrogen.

Without a sufficient amount of estrogen, low sex drive is often a consequence of hormonal imbalance. Low estrogen can also lead to vaginal dryness which can make sex painful. The decrease of estrogen greatly affects a women’s sexual wellness.

How can hormonal imbalance affect one’s life?

The hormone fluctuations can affect more than a woman’s moods, but her relationships as well. Low libido can negatively impact intimacy with her partner and may lead to additional concerns, such as vaginal dryness. With vaginal dryness, a woman may experience pain during sexual intercourse and may begin to avoid sexual encounters. When hormones are not balanced, a woman often doesn’t feel like herself and can lead to her sexual wellness being neglected.

How Dr. Guerette can help treat hormonal imbalance

Virginia’s nationally and internationally recognized urologist, Dr. Guerette, is a specialist in the areas of advanced and aesthetic gynecology and sexual wellness. He is familiar with the complexity that hormonal imbalance can have on a woman’s life and offers women in North Chesterfield a variety of treatment options.

Understanding the importance of focusing on a woman’s condition, Dr. Guerette will take the time to listen to your concerns and symptoms before recommending any specific treatments. Dr. Guerette may recommend the hormone therapy. However, he recognizes that every woman’s body and situation is different and unique and will focus any treatment around your individual needs.

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