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Pain with Sex

What is dyspareunia?

Women who experience pain during sex often struggles with embarrassment, distraught, avoidance, shame and frustration. A woman might not even realize that these symptoms are due to a condition called Dyspareunia. Dyspareunia is characterized by painful intercourse—either during or afterwards—for women due to structural or psychological influences.

How can dyspareunia affect one’s life?

Dyspareunia can create discomfort not only from penetration during sex, but even with simple activities such as inserting a tampon. Avoidance of painful encounters may lead to a decrease in sexual interest.

Because Dyspareunia has an effect on a woman’s body and relationships, it can also take a toll on her emotional wellness. Virginia pelvic medicine specialist, Dr. Guerette, understands the devastating affect dyspareunia can have on a woman’s mental, physical, and sexual health and is committed to helping women who experience these symptoms find a solution for their concerns.

How Dr. Guerette can help treat dyspareunia

There are several available treatments for dyspareunia at Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia in Midlothian. Dr. Guerette recognizes that every woman’s situation is unique and so he will ensure that any treatment plan will be specifically designed for you.

As a nationally and internationally recognized Urologist, Dr. Guerette is a specialist in the areas of advanced and aesthetic gynecology and sexual wellness. Understanding the importance of focusing on a woman’s condition and the complexity of a woman’s body, Dr. Guerette is truly the leader in the field of female pelvic medicine.

For treating your specific case of dyspareunia, Dr. Guerette may recommend vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as the diVa laser program, vaginal tightening, or a hormone therapy program. During your initial consultation at Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia in Midlothian, Dr. Guerette may discuss these procedures and see which one best matches your concerns and expectations.

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I put off seeing a doctor because I was embarrassed about my condition. Dr. Guerette put me at ease and, ultimately, he made me feel like a new woman.