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Drug Treatment Centers In San Clemente

Article provided by: The House of The Rising Son
Drug Treatment Centers In San Clemente

There are many drug treatment centers in San Clemente, making it difficult to know which one fits your situation the best. The House of the Rising Son offers top-quality care, the finest rehab services in the business, and affordable treatment to meet all of our patients’ needs. Here are three different types of rehabilitation facilities available that you should mostly avoid:

1. Detox-only centers

While the detoxification process is critical for a safe and speedy recovery from addiction, it’s not ideal as a standalone rehab treatment. The detoxification process helps patients overcome the withdrawal in a safe, controlled, and comfortable environment and prepares them for upcoming rehab procedures. But that’s pretty much all it achieves.

Most patients who avoid any form of follow-up treatment end up relapsing soon after the detox procedure, no matter how comprehensive or effective it may have been. We recommend avoiding any men’s treatment center specializing in detox alone, with no follow-up rehabilitation procedures available.

2. Inpatient/Residential facilities

Believe it or not, there are residential facilities that only offer inpatient services. This excludes any form of detox, outpatient, or aftercare services, providing people with an incomplete rehabilitation experience. Sure, they may recommend you to partner centers that ensure the services they’re lacking, but that only comes with additional headaches and lost time and money.

The ideal San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab should ensure a well-rounded rehabilitation experience, including detox, therapy, counseling, and a structured recovery system. The inpatient program may be the most effective at preventing relapse, but it falls short without proper follow-up aftercare or outpatient services to build upon its foundation.

3. Outpatient-only rehab centers

Outpatient-only rehab facilities are the most sought-after in the business, thanks to their comfortable and patient-oriented approach. The outpatient treatment doesn’t require 24/7 supervision, as in the case of inpatient treatment, allowing patients to return home after every therapy session.

This allows them to care for their educational and professional obligations while completing the rehabilitation treatment at the same time. However comfortable they might be, however, outpatient facilities still only deal with half of the problem. They are the most effective for people who have already completed the inpatient program and only require routine follow-up care. But they are not sub-optimal for individuals dealing with aggressive addictions, in need of intensive medical and psychiatric care.

What our treatment does different

Our San Clemente, CA, rehab relies on a complete, structured rehabilitation system, encompassing all the necessary programs to achieve fast and reliable sobriety. These include medical detox, inpatient care, outpatient services, and aftercare and support depending on each patient’s needs. We offer behavioral therapies, mental and emotional healing procedures, fitness routines, and others, all part of a comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation system.

If you’ve been looking for the best rehab centers in San Clemente, we welcome you to The House of the Rising Son. You can contact our rehab experts at 888-238-1038 to ask for information about our drug treatment centers in San Clemente or make an intake and detox appointment today.

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Drug Treatment Centers In San Clemente
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