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Drug Treatment Bakersfield

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Drug Treatment Bakersfield

Alcohol and marijuana have the highest abuse rates because they are legal, cheap, and easily accessible. A study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals that 14.5 million Americans above age 12 have some alcohol dependency. The problem with these drug addictions is that they have heavy stigmatization; hence, victims fear seeking outpatient rehab treatment. 

The two drugs are only a small section of all the types of addictions we treat. We deal with many different types to resolve all kinds of character disorders. In addition, our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions offer different drug treatments in Bakersfield, depending on the drug and the patient’s condition. Here is a shortlist of all the different drug treatments available at the Advanced Recovery Center.

Examples of our intensive outpatient addiction treatment


Alcohol is in the tight fabric of our society, making it difficult for one to draw a line between moderate fun drinking and an addiction. The safe way is to use the National Institute of Drug and Alcohol Abuse standard, which states that women should not have more than one glass a day, and men should not exceed two. Any consumption that puts you at risk of health complications and wreaking havoc in your personal life is enough to qualify as an addiction. Do not hesitate to get in touch about your alcohol intake so that we can advise you on the best treatment.


Marijuana addiction affects approximately 4 million people in the US. Addiction is an inability to stop intake despite its negative consequences on your decision-making abilities. People with addiction also report mood swings, insomnia, irritability, and restlessness. Do not wait for the symptoms to progress to a full-blown cognitive impairment before seeking professional treatment.


Prescription drugs are the third most common addiction drugs. The National Survey on Drug Use states that over two million people suffer an opioid addiction because they underrated the effects of continual use. Seek treatment as soon as you feel yourself developing a craving or experiencing symptoms like digestive issues, muscle spasms, or signs of a heart attack.


Cocaine is the most potent drug in the world, with an industry worth several billion dollars. The extreme addictive properties are challenging to ward off because the drug gives one alertness, high energy, and euphoria. The effects worsen when dealers mix the ingredients or use other products and chemical processes to intensify the effects.


Anti-depressants have soothing effects on the body’s nervous systems. However, people misuse these drugs because they cannot get through the rough stress levels without medical support. The downside of long-term overuse will often cause seizures, hallucinations, and other life-threatening conditions.


Stimulants treat many different common illnesses, such as ADHD, obesity, mood disorders, and narcolepsy. As a result, it is easy for people to abuse them when they feel the slightest sign of mental instability or body changes.

All the above drugs cause significant mental and emotional complications. Our substance abuse treatment center is a long-term provider of different healing solutions for all the above drug addictions and many more. Please verify your details on the best drug and alcohol rehab near me site and speed up admission to help you on the recovery journey.

Drug Treatment Bakersfield
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Drug Treatment Bakersfield
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