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Alcohol Treatment Riverside

Alcohol Treatment Riverside

There are many rehab centers in California offering treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders. California is a popular rehab destination, with individuals coming from all over the country for treatment. Besides the scenic locations of most luxury rehab facilities around here, some facilities have earned a reputation for delivering top-of-the-line addiction treatment. At the same time, other Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers don’t put much effort into providing quality substance use disorder treatment services.

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we’ve adopted a second to none philosophy and approach that enables us to offer the finest drug and alcohol treatment in Riverside. We also provide a comfortable and serene environment for our guests as they receive the best addiction treatment in Riverside, CA, for their successful recovery.

Our Philosophy, Attitude, and Approach to Treatment

We have unsurpassed substance abuse services in Riverside, California, with the belief that they can impact future generations. To us, addiction treatment is not a temporary program that ends with helping you quit drugs or alcohol. We know that addiction changes lives for the worse, impacting everything from work performance to personal relationships to physical health.

As such, our aim is to transform lives with our programs, enabling our clients to overcome their substance use disorder and have a more fulfilling, healthier, and sober future. To achieve this, we offer unexcelled services that equip you with the information and skills required to lead a sober, productive life after recovering from your addiction.

Our Attitude

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, you get support from a community that stands by you during your journey to recovery. Loneliness is a common feeling when one is undergoing rehab, but here, you’ll receive care and treatment from our dedicated addiction specialists in addition to encouragement from others in your support groups.

Deciding to seek treatment is a great first step; however, we understand that it can be challenging to complete your rehab program due to the sudden changes you have to make. Therefore, we work hard to make you enthusiastic about your sobriety journey, as we are. This goes a long way in motivating you to remain committed to your treatment, which is essential for a successful and lasting recovery.

Our Approach

Our one-on-one approach makes us the best Riverside drug rehab. With this approach, we focus on emotional wellness, which is crucial to your full recovery. So often, emotional and mental disorders fuel destructive habits associated with substance abuse. We’ll work with you individually to enable change from within, allowing you to tackle emotional challenges without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

As part of our one-on-one approach to treatment, we also combine individual counseling sessions with group therapy. Individual sessions are great for addressing the specific issues behind your substance use disorder. On the other hand, group therapy provides numerous learning opportunities and is also an invaluable source of encouragement.

Treatment in a Friendly Environment

The last thing you want when seeking drug and alcohol treatment in Riverside is an unconducive environment where the addiction specialists don’t understand your situation. At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we provide unbeaten alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside in a friendly, caring setting. This will encourage you to change your life for the better and lead a more fulfilling one without drugs or alcohol. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now:

Alcohol Treatment Riverside

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